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Other Insurance Types

We offer a variety of types of insurance to meet your needs. Just ask us if there is something you need that isn’t listed here because there is a good chance we can help.

Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is an important policy for anyone who doesn’t own their home. It’s an inexpensive way to protect yourself from the financial burden of replacing all your belongings or paying for a settlement from a lawsuit. You may not have a lot of personal belongings, but you probably need what you have. Also, the liability coverage is often overlooked but it is a critical component of the policy which you need to protect yourself in the event you’re sued.

Condominium Insurance

Condo Insurance is very similar to Homeowners Insurance with the exception that it normally doesn’t provide coverage for the “bones” of the structure. The Condo Association is typically responsible for the exterior of the building. Condominium Insurance typically pays for the interior improvements of your unit, your personal property, liability and loss assessments. The Loss Assessments coverage is important because it will help pay for losses to common areas that the Condo Association assesses to all the condo unit owners.

Mobilehome Insurance

Mobilehome Insurance is very similar to Homeowners Insurance in that it provides coverage for the structure, your personal belongings, and liability coverage. It also has special coverage options unique to Mobilehomes. Some Mobilehomes have permanent additions, additional roof structures, and more that may need special coverage.

Landlords Insurance

Rental properties are insured with Landlords Insurance, also called a Landlords Package Policy. This is for a property that is rented to tenants and is not occupied by the property owner. It mainly provides coverage for the structure and liability. There is also additional coverage available for loss of rent. This is helpful if your tenants must move out due to a claim event and you’re not collecting rent for the period of time until the property is repaired.

Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella policy provides excess liability coverage that typically extends beyond the coverage limits on your homeowners, automobile, powersports and other types of personal insurance policies. Umbrella policies are handy for people with a lot of assets to protect or who have a lot of toys like motorcycles, ATVs, boats, etc. An umbrella policy will also usually include Personal Injury coverage which would provide coverage for things such as libel and slander.

Jewelry Insurance

Jewelry is usually covered by your property insurance policy to a specific limit, but many people have higher value jewelry, such as engagement rings, that need additional coverage to be properly insured. You can typically add individual pieces of jewelry to your property policy or you can purchase a separate policy for the piece(s) of jewelry you would like insured.

Wedding / Event Insurance

If you’re planning an event, the venue may require that you purchase Event Insurance and list them as an Additional Insured. We see this most commonly with wedding receptions but it’s also common with other large parties such as birthdays, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, etc.

Vacant Property Insurance

If you own a vacant property, you’ll need to insure it using a vacant property insurance policy to make sure it’s properly covered. Most property insurance policies have restrictions or exclusions for vacant properties so it’s critical that you have the correct policy if your property is vacant.

Flood Insurance

Water can cause a catastrophic amount of damage to your home. Damage caused by surface water is typically excluded from property insurance and you’ll need to purchase a separate Flood Insurance policy if you’d like coverage for flood damage. For vehicles, flood damage would be covered by the Comprehensive coverage on an Automobile Insurance policy.

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