Long Term Care / Disability Insurance

We offer long term care and disability insurance options that meet your needs.

Long Term Care Insurance

A common misconception about Long Term Care Insurance is that it’s only for nursing homes. Yes, Long Term Care Insurance can help pay for the cost of nursing homes but that’s usually the last resort. Most people want to stay out of nursing homes for as long as possible and that’s where Long Term Care Insurance can help. We like to call Long Term Care Insurance “Anti-Nursing Home Insurance” because it can help you stay at home longer.

Maybe you’re not able to independently do a couple of the Activities of Daily Living (ADL), which include bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, toileting and continence. If you’re unable to do two of the six ADLs or if you have a cognitive impairment you could qualify for coverage from a Long Term Care Insurance policy. So maybe you need help in the morning with bathing and dressing but you’re fine after that; Long Term Care Insurance can help pay for an aide to come for a few hours in the morning each day to get your day started. The beauty of this is that you can remain in your home and maintain your independence. Maybe you need some help during the day; Long Term Care Insurance could help pay for Adult Day Care too.

As things get more difficult, Long Term Care Insurance could also help pay for an Assisted Living facility or nursing home. There’s a wide range of care that Long Term Care Insurance can help pay for.

If you don’t have Long Term Care Insurance, you’d be paying for everything yourself. Many people end up spending everything they’ve worked their entire lives to accumulate because they didn’t have the proper Long Term Care Insurance in place when they needed it.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance is also an important part of your financial plan. We like to call Disability Insurance the “Paycheck Protector”. If you’re unable to work due to an injury or cognitive issue, what would your family do without your income? Life Insurance can help replace your income if you pass away unexpectedly and Disability Insurance can help replace your income if you’re still alive but unable to work.

There are short-term and long-term Disability Insurance plans available. Short-term is typically for disabilities that are 2 years or less and long-term is typically for disabilities lasting longer than 2 years. There are many options available to customize the policy to your family’s specific needs.

Typically, we find that people purchase Disability Insurance during their working years and then pivot to Long Term Care insurance as they approach retirement, but every situation is different, and you may or may not have the same timeline.

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